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Welcome to Design & Handicraft Gotland



Handicraftshop located in the old part of Visby, inside the city walls,

manufactures and sells own designed and handmade interior design and giftware in pewter, iron and wood.
Our own uniquely designed products can only be purchased in the shop or here on our website.


We who manufactures, designs and owns the shop are Göran Stenström and Adele Poppe.

Together we have more than 50 years of experience in handicrafts made ​​without machines.


The shop has a wide product range of yarns, from alpaca, goat mohair, wool and yarn from
Gotland etc. Even some accessories.


In our shop we also have some gift items and quality products manufactured by other artisans from
Gotland and Sweden. Some of the products are glass made in Gotland ​​by Jennie Olofsson, handmade
ceramics products, woven wool plaids from Toarp etc.


We manufacture presents to christenings, anniversaries, weddings, companies and associations, etc., in
pewter, iron and wood.

We design and also manufactures according to the customer requirements.


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Coordinates for the Design & Handicraft Gotland
Latitude: 57.639334 or 57 ° 38 '21.6024 "N
Longitude: 18.294168 or 18 ° 17 '39.0048 "E