If you are under 18 years old, you must have parental permission to order merchandise with us. All attempts at fraud are reported to the police.

Terms when paying by invoice


When paying by invoice, Payson cooperates with Svea Bank AB (556158-7634). In order to pay by invoice, you need to enter your personal or organisation number (companies only). Invoice payment terms are 14 days unless otherwise selected at the time of purchase. The invoice will be sent separately by e-mail to the e-mail address you provide. To pay by invoice, you must be at least 18 years of age, be registered in Sweden and pass the credit check carried out at the time of purchase. Companies paying by invoice must be registered in Sweden. The invoice is paid according to the payment instructions on the invoice, via Plusgiro account and OCR number.

In case of late payment, a reminder will be sent with a statutory reminder fee of at present 60 SEK. It will also be charged default interest of 2% per month from the invoice due date. In case of non-payment, the case is submitted to debt collection, with a statutory collection fee of 180 SEK. Payson reserves the right to refuse delivery and re-examine the customer's creditworthiness in individual cases.

In case of payment by Invoice/Payson Invoice, the invoice will be pledged to Payson and then to SVEA Bank AB, 556158-7634.

Invoice Partial Payment Terms

A received Invoice may in some cases state a "minimum amount to pay", if you choose to pay this amount or another amount lower than the total invoice amount, an overdraft agreement will be entered into. Payson offers you, after an approved credit check, to sign an overdraft agreement with our partner Svea Bank AB (556158-7634) on the terms set out in the general terms and conditions of the attached account agreement. The credit offer applies to the amount stated in the account agreement. You choose the credit period by ticking the option that suits you best. You undertake to repay the credit in full within the credit period. This means that each month you must pay at least the amount indicated in the choice you have made. Of course, you can pay more or pay off the entire credit at once at no extra cost.

If you wish to use the overdraft facility for other purchases during the credit period, the minimum monthly payment will be increased to ensure that the credit is paid off within the agreed credit period. The shorter the remaining credit period, the higher the minimum monthly payment. If you want to keep the same minimum monthly payment, you can contact Svea Bank AB on 08-51493113 and apply for an extended credit period. For IT reasons, Svea Bank AB will, if you use the account credit for several purchases, until further notice invoice you separately for the various purchases. Of course, in this case you will not have to pay for more than one notification fee per month.

If you have any questions, please call the +46 851493113 for more information.

Example of the effective interest rate on purchases of SEK 10.000 in 12 months, 0% interest rate, 195 KR fee and 29 KR AVI fee in accordance with the consumer agency's guidelines is 10.68%.

Full Partial Payment Terms.

Partial payment conditions

Payson offers you to at the time of purchase, after approved credit check sign an installment agreement with our partner Svea Bank AB on the terms set out in the general conditions to the attached account agreement. The credit offer applies to the amount stated in the account agreement. You choose the credit period by ticking the option that suits you best. You undertake to repay the credit in full within the credit period. This means that each month you must pay at least the amount indicated in the choice you have made. Of course, you can pay more or pay off the entire credit at once at no extra cost.

* Paid for without interest:
3 months interest-free; Installation fee 95 SEK; Avi Fee 29 sec; Interest rate 0.00%
6 months interest-free; Installation fee 195 SEK; Avi Fee 29 sec; Interest rate 0.00%
12 months interest-free; Installation fee 295 SEK; Avi Fee 29 sec; Interest rate 0.00%

Paid-in interest-bearing (at order value over SEK 5000):
24 months; Installation fee 295 SEK; Avi Fee 29 sec; Interest rate 9.95%

Example of the effective interest rate on purchases of SEK 10.000 in 12 months, 0% interest rate, 295 KR fee and 29 KR AVI fee in accordance with the consumer agency's guidelines is 12.70%.

Full Partial Payment Terms

Conditions for Card & Direct Bank Payment

Even if you don't have a Payson account you can still quickly pay with Payson. We cooperate with VISA, MasterCard and all Swedish banks that offer direct payments, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB, Nordea and Danske Bank. Payson holds high security requirements and is PCI certified by Trustwave which is an international organization for secure e-commerce. All traffic is encrypted by SSL 128 bits and all card transfers are based on the banks ' so-called 3d-secure technology.

Payment via Payson Policy

Some goods and services are not allowed payment for via Payson service, this may be because they are contrary to Swedish law, are not compatible with Payson Policy or that some of Payson partners do not accept the business.

The goods and services listed below are forbidden to make payment for, and to receive payment for, via Payson service. Violation of this policy is subject to suspension by Payson service pursuant to section 14.2 of the user agreement. Payson has the right to reject the approved charge, if there is reason to believe that it would violate this Policy.

Prohibited Goods/Services

Drugs, and even some inappropriate substances
Pornographic material (e.g. film, images, streaming)
Webcam Show, prostitution
Used Lingerie
Medicine and performance enhancing supplements and health products
Pirated material (e.g. music, software, garments, bags)
Online games where you can win money
Donation and membership of racist associations/associations advocating hatred
Charitable and aid organizations with no 90 account with Plus Giro or equivalent Bank giro
Licensed weapons
Financial services including financial advice

Permitted by restrictions

Tobacco (e.g. snuff products, cigarettes, cigars)
Sex toys
Vitamins, supplements and health products
"Lowest unique bids" auctions
Penny Auctions
Dating Services
Hunting accessories and Knives
Personal Protective Equipment
Cooperative stakes of companies approved by the lottery inspection
Pyramid Operations/Sales and "Multi level Marketing"
Companies domiciled outside Sweden
Anonymization services (including VPN services)

Note! Individual assessment is always done.

Payson Privacy Policy

1. Personal Data liability

1.1 Payson, registration number 556646-2858, Evenemangsgatan 31, 169 81 Solna is responsible for the processing of personal data on this website. Payson processing of customer data complies with the Personal Data Act (1998:204).

1.2 The processing of personal data when paying with Payson (the company) occurs after the user has been informed of, and then has given his/her consent to the processing.

1.3 The processing is supported under sections 10 and 15 of the Personal Data Act. Payson further treats personal data for the purpose of transactions, the prevention of fraud and similar crime, and the fulfilment of legal obligations, such as: According to the Act (2009:62) on measures against money laundering and terrorist Financing (Money Laundering Act) and the Act (2010:751) on payment Services (Payment Service Act).

2. Personal Data Processing

2.1 The company collects basic personal data (first name, surname, e-mail address) and, where applicable, extended personal data (Social security number, address, contact details and information on bank account numbers, IP numbers) from member in connection with the Use of the company's services.

2.2 The data are used by Payson for invoicing, information and delivery of products, as well as marketing and as a basis for statistics and product development. The data can be used as a basis for Payson and, where applicable, our partners, to be able to personalize content, advertisements and offers.

2.3 The data are analysed and grouped into the selection, prioritization and planning of contacts with member. The data link one or more markers about the type of customization of Web services and marketing communications directed at the user, called profiling.

2.4 Payson members agree that marketing can be done by post, telephone, or email and SMS as well as other digital channels. Marketing via email and SMS is regulated in the Marketing Act.

2.5 Personal data may be disclosed to Payson partners. Personal data is disclosed to the authority only where required by law or authority decision.

3. Preservation of personal data

3.1 Personal data is retained for the duration of a contractual relationship and a period of time thereafter, or in accordance with the consent given. Consent is valid until the member himself terminates it, and does not terminate if the service is not used and consent is also not dependent on any purchase of products.

3.2 Payson preserves member personal data for accounting purposes for seven years in accordance with the requirements arising from the Accounting Act.

4. Deletion of personal data

4.1 Personal data are screened/depersonalised when the data no longer needs to be retained in accordance with the Rules of the Accounting Act (seven years), the exception is personal data for user accounts with ongoing activity and/or balance.

4.2 The use of personal data during the preservation period is limited by reference to the purposes of the processing. The thinning cannot be revoked/recreated and when the thinning has been performed, no person can be associated with the user account anymore.
An active user account in use will not be screened/depersonalised. A user account with funds/balances will not be screened/depersonalised without a member's consent. Exclusion of user accounts blocked pursuant to 14.2 A of the company's general terms and conditions. Consent is requested by email at regular intervals after seven years of inactivity at Payson service, with inactivity means a member who has not performed transactions, logged into his user account or communicated with the company. In the event of a failure to respond to consent, the user account may still be culled after another (1) year and after at least four reminders sent. Any outstanding balance is credited to the company.

5. IT Security

Payson, as Controller, takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data processed in accordance with section 31 of the Personal Data Act.

6. List of blacklists

A private person is able to block his/her social security number from being used in Payson services. After ensuring that the person has jurisdiction to block the social security number, such a request may be made by adding a so-called Block list. A competent person must revoke the lock in writing to allow the social security number to be used again in the company's services.

7. Representative

The company strives to have two registered representative as a minimum. It is the responsibility of the Controller (company) to designate these persons.

8. Register extracts

All Payson members have the right to revoke consent in writing, to request a register extract or to rectify/delete any erroneous information. If you want to request a register extract, revoke a consent or correct/delete a task, please contact Payson representative, which can be accessed at:
Payson: PuL agent, Evenemangsgatan 31, 169 81 Solna


We ship our shipments with first-hand mail and parcel services, in some cases other shipping companies can be used.
Orders for stock items are delivered from us within 1 – 4 business days. Pewter, iron and wood products that are not stocked or are temporarily out of date are the delivery time 1-3 weeks. We will send you a notification by email with a suggested delivery date, if you do not agree to the delivery time, you have the right to cancel the purchase at no additional charge.
Your package will remain for 14 days from the time the package arrives at your pickup point. It is up to you as a customer to enter a valid and correct delivery address. If we get back a parcel sent to the wrong address or not collected, we will contact you at the specified email address or telephone number for further agreement. All new overhead costs such as freight are debited to the customer.


All prices on our webshop are quoted in Swedish kronor. By default, all prices including 6, 12 or 25% VAT are listed.

Shipping costs

On all products there is a shipping fee of 60 kr when you buy between 0-599 KR, from 600 kr free shipping within Sweden. The goods are usually sent by postal mail and parcel services. The packages are usually sent with traceable package number and full insurance on your order should something happen on the way to your pickup point.

Shipping cost abroad

All deliveries abroad will be subject to actual shipping costs and also any customs duties payable by the customer.

Untriggered Item:

In case of untriggered shipment, the freight is charged round trip. A billing fee of SEK 60 will be added.

Receipt/Order Confirmation

When you have placed an approved order you will receive an e-mail that is valid as an order confirmation, where the estimated delivery date is also shown. You will then receive a paper receipt together with your delivery. If you have not received an order confirmation within a few hours, please check that your email address is correct and let us know and we will send you confirmation.


The recipient is responsible for checking that the delivery and the products are unharmed in connection with the receipt of the package. In case of problems with packages or missing goods, a written message must be sent to our e-mail: within a reasonable time.

For complaints, regretted purchases and cancellation, please contact us by email: In case of approved complaint/cancellation of the purchase, we will refund the amount of your order within 30 days.

Personal data

We treat all personal information you provide in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PUL 1998:204). We guarantee that no data about you are sold or used for commercial mailings from third parties, but only used internally by Design & Crafts Gotland HB. Your e-mail address is used for the order confirmation and other information about your order. If you want to change the information or be removed from the register, please contact us by e-mail at:

Warranty & Instructions

Warranties on the product are provided by the respective manufacturer, Design & Crafts Gotland HB makes no further warranties beyond the manufacturer's specification. If you feel the least unsure of the warranty or the instructions accompanying your product, please contact us before use so we can help you. We cannot take responsibility for any hypersensitivity to ingredients in a product or sample, if you are not sure what the product or sample contains, please contact our customer service before using/ordering.

Consumer (private person) right of withdrawal from distance contracts

We follow the consumer agency's recommendations for e-commerce. Consumer has, on his side, a law on consumer protection in the case of distance contracts, etc. it specifies, in certain cases, the right to withdraw from a purchase by submitting or sending a notice thereof within 14 days from the date on which you received the goods or a substantial part thereof.
To be able to use your right of withdrawal, you must return the product undamaged in the original packaging. When you use the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the return cost.


We follow general Board recommendations in the event of a dispute.


Fact and price information is provided with reservation for typographical errors, suppliers ' price increases, Ev. Incorrectly specified technical specifications, etc. and for final sales. The information provided thereby does not constitute a commitment to usability, suitability, guarantee etc. other than where directly stated. Design & Crafts Gotland HB reserves the right to change all information without prior notice.