About Us

Design & Crafts Gotland HB was started in the spring of 2011 by Göran Stenström and Adele Poppe. Our idea with companies was to design, manufacture and sell our own products in tin, brass, iron and wood, but also sell quality yarn and stick accessories. The sale would take place in a converted garage and via the net. 

But so from a pure event in August 2011 we saw that a shop in Visby city centre was free to rent. With first a little curiosity, we contacted the store owner. After a visit to the premises, we really got something to think about. The musings went back and forth on how we would do, after a lot about and but so we decided to take the step to shopkeepers. We thought that the premises and the location would suit our business and our ideas well. Completely without experience in store sales, we started all the preparations, and in mid-November 2011 we opened for sale.
The first time we had difficulty filling up the store, everything went so quickly from that we decided the store to that we opened, we did not have any experience of the store work. But over time we have expanded the store surface and built a very wide selection of yarn with high and fine quality, we also have a large selection of knitting accessories.

In the store we designed, manufactured and we also sold our tin products, the products are sold under the name Wisby tin. As a result, demand for our products has increased, and since November 2019 we have moved our tin workshop to new larger premises in Stenkyrka.
In addition to our own products, we manufacture many tin products according to customers' own wishes, ideas and drawings. Repairs to old tin objects and jewelry are also a big part of our business.

To take the next step in developing the business, we started our own wool spinning mill (Stenkyrka Ullspinneri) in spring 2017. The spinning mill is of the Mini Mill type, the machines have great flexibility and can handle both small and large batches, through which there are great opportunities to develop different yarn varieties.
In 2018, we opened our second shop next to the spinning mill in Stenkyrka. Our yarns are available in both stores and in the online shop.
A large part of our production in the spinning mill is dedicated to spinning assignments for external customers.

We have been interested in "real" crafts created without machines for many years. Pewter, iron and textiles are the products in which we have the most experience. We have been producing pewter objects for over 30 years and also textile products. To broaden our range of own designed and manufactured products we have started to combine pewter, iron, brass, wood, leather and wool, this development is just beginning so products are on the way.

Most of our items in the shop can be purchased and ordered via our website www.dhgh.se, info@dhgh.se or phone 0498-41 10 06.

Photo Stig Hammarstedt