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Change, is the third technique booklet in Hemslöjdens förlag's series Lappa & Laga by Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans (47 pages). Here you can pick out worn-out clothes and second-hand finds that have lost their charm and turn them into exciting new garments. Enlarge, reduce, lengthen and shorten your clothes to make them more stylish, comfortable and fun to wear again.

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Katarina Evans and Katarina Briedits
The wardrobe is full and yet you have nothing to wear! Sometimes you just want to refresh and sometimes the size doesn't fit anymore. With a little ingenuity, you can transform your clothes to make them more stylish, more comfortable and more fun to wear. Enlarge, reduce, lengthen and shorten. Change the function and turn a shirt into a dress and jeans into a skirt. Play with surfaces and change the look using smocks, inlays and embroidery.


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