Fritidsgarn beige melange, 2650

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Fritidsgarn is a 100% Norwegian carded yarn from Sandnes. The whole process from the wool being washed to a finished skein takes place at the factory in Foss Eikeland.

Fiber content: 100% Norwegian wool
Weight/length: 50 grams = 70 meters
Gauge: 15 m = 10 cm
Recommended knitting needles: 5,5
Washing instructions

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Fritidsgarn is a 100% Norwegian carded yarn. Everything from the washing of the wool to the finished skein takes place at the factory in Foss Eikeland in Sandnes.

Norwegian wool garments feel light and get much softer each time you wear them. Norwegian wool is hard-wearing, it does not slub and has very good stretch that allows garments to keep their shape over time.
Think about the environment: wool breathes and rarely needs washing, so we recommend that you air your garment. Garments made of Norwegian wool have a long life and can last for generations. This makes Norwegian wool part of a more sustainable way of thinking.
The yarn is suitable for weaving.

It is recommended that all woollen garments knitted in Fritidsgarn are hand-washed. Make sure the garments are not soaked as they may shed. Spin the garment well, before drying it flat, preferably on a towel. Never use a laundry bag when hand washing knitted garments - this creates friction and can cause the garment to pucker.


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